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I used to use the USGS site to track stream flow and gauge height for the Rush River at Esdaile, WI. That particular gauge has been taken off line and there are no others for the Rush. I know there is one on the Kinni but learned that stream flows on both streams are not necessarily aligned. Any ideas on how to get info other than driving an hour to get to the Rush? Any suggestions will be appreciated.



The gauge was taken off line this fall, in November I believe. Most people don’t know that it costs upward of $10,000 to maintain these sites per year. That what I was told. You will notice that the site on the Kinni has sponsors to offset this cost. Another alternative to monitoring the water flow on the Rush will be to watch this site for the info I can gather by actually seeing the river. Keep in mind that the conditions can change in a heart beat considering the way the weather moves across the area, how full the feeder creeks are and how wet the watershed is. Anglers will have to watch the weather more closely because the two rivers do not react the same, and watch the web to get the most up to date info. For those who fish the Rush, the loss of this gauge is only a slight setback. As a fly angler I believe it is important to see the river at all stages and fish it as well. The information you will gain by doing this will make you a better judge of what the river is capable of and enable you to understand those who live within its banks.