Will Asked:
Hey Andy- I’ve got two young kids and a challenging schedule but I can get outa the house a couple of nights a week to fish in the twin cities lakes. I’m hoping to get into some carp this spring but I’m a total neophyte to this species. I just acquired a LOOP 6-8wt reel and I need to gear up with the least pricey options for the rest of my equipment. I’m looking for suggestions for gear and locations as well as tips on strategy. Thanks!


Look towards Reddington for your least pricey, good solid quality rod choice. Essentially they are owned by the same company that owns Sage and I’ll bet some of the technology is a crossover. The low end Sage rods are also nice and in the $200.00 price range. Get a seven or eight weight for sure. Carp are a tough species to fish in our lakes. It will be a good challenge for you. The problem is that in most of our lakes you can’t see them unless they are on the surface. I fish them mostly in Lake Michigan where you can sight fish to them. Go to the places you know where you can see the fish and their behavior. That is the best tip on strategy, watch the behavior of the fish. I have taken carp on both wet and dry but they have told me (not literally) what to fish by watching them. Carp love to bask in warm sunny shallows or where food has collected around wood piles or windward bays where scum has formed. The lakes are many, pick one, they all have carp. The city lakes are popular because you can fish them from shore but I’m sure that’s the case with many. The fish may be tuned into pop corn or canned corn depending upon what the folks have been feeding them for fun.