Doug asked on 11/29/08 

I’m looking for Wisconsin trout fishing maps, and came across “Improved Trout Waters of Wisconsin” / pub. by Where Am I Publications. Have you seen the book, and any comments?


I have seen this book and we carried it at Bentley’s shortly before the shop closed. The book seems like a nice resource to have, but it is quite specific in nature. This book, as far as I remember, shows reasonably good maps, highlighting locations and sections of rivers that have had restoration, easements or improvement projects completed on them. The maps, as I recall, were not layouts of entire rivers that would show you access points, camp grounds, boat launches, and name specific holes to fish, etc., like say the ” Montana Afloat” series of maps.
The best books on Wisconsin’s trout fishing waters that have maps are either the “Flyfishers Guide to Wisconsin” or “Wisconsin and Minnesota Trout Streams”. I know of no series of maps that highlight Wisconsin trout waters that are specific to the task. The De lorme maps tend to be the best maps but give you no “trouty” information. Some books give you specific information but the maps can be a bit sketchy. I hope that helps. I know that the Twin Cities chapter of Trout Unlimited has some copies of the Improved Trout Waters for sale and you could look at the book at one of their meetings if you like. Here is a link if you would like to contact them. TCTU