The dog days are here to stay so my mode of operation will be morning and evening. The water is still relatively cool but keeping in the lower 60’s. Low and crystal clear, I decided to put the strike indicator on the bench for the evening and throw the dry. I chose a big #10 green CDC and Elk  and started working the grassy banks which were shading the edges of the river. The first strike came on the second cast when of course I wasn’t expecting a strike. Fish 1 Andy 0. After that I was on edge, but of course nothing happened for the next hour and a half. The fly was just so much fun to throw I was lost in the beauty of casting. Putting every cast just where I wanted it(not really but it makes for good print) I was lulled into the anti-focus. Anti-focus is a termed used to describe a condition in which fly anglers miss their second fish while paying attention to everything, the birds, the bees, the trees, except the large head that emerged from the river to eat my fly. Fish 2 Andy 0. After the anti-focus incident, I turned and headed back down stream to return to the truck. Skittering the Caddis down and across it happened.  A strong strike from a beautiful 15″ Brown. A leaping hard fought battle ensued with the 3 weight Z-Axis flawlessly preforming its magic. A kiss on the release and I reeled up. It was all so worth it!