The rivers of the region are in great shape but spooky clear. We could use some rain to give them a little color. These overcast days will bode well for anglers. Concentrate on riff’s and plunges as well as deep water for nymphing, these areas will give you some cover from the clear water. Again anglers are seeing some top water action on certian streches of water. Crane flies, BWO’s, and the Black Caddis are out there, just not in mass. Making as long a cast as you can will keep you clear of being spotted by the fish in these spooky waters. Soft hackle Pheasant Tail has been working well in most situations recently. This fly in a 18-20 can be fished dry, in the film or sunk to the bottom. Buggers or variations of them been taking fish on a down and across,strip, strip, strip, tactict. Try this for fun and to practice a new technique you will be suprised.