Anglers including myself have found the waters of Pierce County to be low, clear, and spooky for this time of year. Fish are hungry and can be caught but one has to put in a solid effort to be successful under these conditions. Fish were found in broken water both shallow and deep but long casts and stealthy approach were much more productive than standing on top of them and banging them on the head. Check cover areas like wood piles and undercut banks. Under these shallow conditions, and after I have fished a particular spot, I like to walk through the area to see if and where the fish were hiding. This little technique we call fish herding (kind of like goat herding) can give you valuable information as to location of fish in similar spots throughout the day. Anglers have been having some success on drys but you must be in the right place at the right time. We were on the water for 10 hours on Monday and only saw 3 fish rise. Identifying hatches and dry fly fishing are all about being in the right place at the right time. In order to learn about the bugs and where they live you must spend time exploring and fishing. Certain insects live in specific locations. Some insects live in prolific numbers in many locations. The savvy dry fly anglers know these places because they have put there time in and recorded the locations, sometimes physically or mentally by time and place. These are details a thoughtful angler does not forget. ANOTHER THING NOT TO FORGET IS THAT THE EARLY CATCH AND RELEASE TROUT SEASON IN WISCONSIN CLOSES ON SUNDAY APRIL 29 AT 11:59 PM AND WILL NOT RE-OPEN UNTIL SATURDAY MAY 5TH FOR THE HARVEST OPENER. Don