The magic computer has not let me enter reports for a while but I understand its fixed. The waters are in clear, mid-summer conditions with active periods switching to morning and evening. There are fish to be had in the afternoon, just a little tougher. The evening windows of dry fly activity have been enjoyable. Sulphers, Caddis, Midges, and some small black Mayflies have all been mixed together during the last hours after the sunlight has left the canyons. Anglers have been sucessful in general in the AM also using Caddis pupa immitations. The bank grasses are tall and the grass pollen is thick, take your allergy medicines. Check water temps and look for the coolest water you can find. Locate shade along the banks, many fish are in these places and the water does not have to be deep. Broken water is a good bet at this time of year. This water offers cover for the angler from the fish and more oxygen as stream temps rise. Rain from the storms that hit the cities has missed most of Pierce co. The watersheds need the rain! GO FISH.