We’ve spoken to several people who have been on the water today. The word is that the smaller streams are fishing fairly well. The morning is the time to be on the water because as the day warms up the streams rise and muddy. Ideally, you’d be on the water at sun-up. Look for smaller water, and plan to fish higher in water sheds – close to the spring heads. The Kinni is running 179 cfs as of this morning and has spiked for the time being. As an FYU this is where we get our stream flow data from: http://waterdata.usgs.gov/wi/nwis/uv?format=gif&period=31&site_no=05342000Don’t forget…Fishing is an adventure. I can ususally find good, fishable water no matter the run-off or rain. Don’t get too attached to one particular river or spot and you’ll be able to find fish on most days. And if you want to go fishing, just go. Stripping streamers on the side of the river, even in high muddy water, can often produce some wonderful fish. -John