My last outing I managed a goose egg in the fish caught catagorie. The fridged weather set in and so I had to live with that stigma for over 20 days. Now I know from talking to most of you who are my customers, you all have not been skunked since the first year you started fly fishing and I appreciate your honesty but I am at a different level. Hay creek fished like a dream both Saturday and Sunday. The bite was generally very sudtle and reaction time needed to be quick. Pink scudds, Pink or Blue squirells, Prince nymphs and pheasant tails in size 16 or smaller all worked. The trick was to remain patient. A cast to a deep pool and a considerable wait between slight twitches brought the best luck for me. I fished only 2 pools and if you were well hidden, you could continue to pull numerous fish from the same spot.