This morning at 6AM The Rush river looked the best it has in 3 days. The water was stained throughout but not muddy. This was however before this mornings rain. I did not see the Kinni this morning but flow rates were back down. I recieved a report from both the Kinni and the Rush that people were on them last night. Bugs and fish were up and anglers were having sucess. There is a chance for severe weather this afternoon but the conditions have to be right for this to happen. Only Mom Nature knows. There is a variety of Mayflies, Stoneflies,and Midges out from afternoon through dark. Yellows and greens are the primary colors and sizes range from 14-20. A bugger,or other streamer pattern may be a good bet for today if nothing is up on the surface. You would be suprised how well fish can see in stained water.