The reports have come in through both E-mail and customers this week. As allways in fishing there is variation. Reports from Forestville find the Root covered in ice in many locations and slow fishing on the water that was open. Rush creek was slightly cloudy but a few fish were caught on prince nymphs and small streamers. The Whitewater continues to be the best as far as the reports are concerned. One report from a Steve P. told of his best day of winter fishing ever. Steve reported catching over 15 fish mostly on olive scudds and hares ears in size 16. He would not divulge his exact location, I tried. This is a great time to fish the Southeast, the temps will be mild and many have reported seeing both midges and early stones on the snow and in the mouths of our finned friends. Go now, eventually the melting snow will cool down the water and make the fish less active. This melting snow will also cause the dreaded muddy runoff. Thanks for the heads-up Steve.