Tricos are still emerging and engaging in sex on a regular basis on the Rush river. Again, set your thermometer for about 68 degrees F air temp and you should hit the spinner fall just right. If you arrive before the fall there have been some tiny olive mayflies on the water early in the morning. Nymphing with any of the standard small mayfly nymphs has also produced fish prior to the spinner fall. Now is the time to explore new waters and/or different streches of your favorite rivers, the crowds are thin and some water has not seen pressure for a long time.Fly Picks! Nymphs Dry #20 Black Copper John #22 Trico spinner #10 Flashback hares ear #20 Trico dun (green) #22 silver bead Zebra midge #16 Royal Coachman #18 Prince #16 Brown Ant