Travel has taken me away from the local streams for the last three weeks. I hope all of you have survived without the reports, and your fishing outings have been prosperous. It appears not much has changed since last month. The Tricos are still present in the AM, although the time seems to have shifted to the 8:30-9:00 slot for the best action. The browns should continue to become more active as we get closer to spawning time. Sunday, it seemed everyone left the stream after the Trico hatch and went home. We enjoyed some nice nymph fishing after the hatch. Rain on Sunday night left the rivers in a shambles once again. However, today was the first day water was once again fishable. The water was still cloudy on the Rush but the fish were feeding, with anglers having good results on Trico spinner patterns. The upper Kinni is fine, the lower is still off color. A friend and talented tier by the name of Ed Richards passed away on August 14th. Ed taught our Salmon fly classes in the winter and was one of the most accomplished commercial tiers in the region. His salmon flies are well known throughout the country. Last week, in tribute to Ed, I tied on a #16 CDC Royal Coachman( a pattern Ed had tied for me) while fishing Cutthroat on the North Tongue river in Wyoming. My friend Jim and I were taking turns casting to hungry cutt’s. After about a dozen fish , a very large shadow slashed from behind a rock and removed the fly from the tippet. Ed is now swimming in a beautiful mountain stream with the birds singing and the fish feeding.