The Kinni Was quite stained in color and running high , I did not fish it Monday for that reason. The Rush fished slowly in the AM. Friday brought almost two inches of rain to Pierce county so a fair amount went into the river systems, the rest turned to ice. The Rush was also slightly stained and high but fishable. Only a few fish were caught up until 3 PM and then the midges began to take flight. The fish were not up on them but they were feeding sub-surface. The amount of ice that is left on land will continue to melt and run into the rivers making the water colder and the fishing slower during the morning and early afternoon. Reports on Tuesday seemed to confirm this thought process. REMEMBER conditions will vary throughout the watersheds and there no hard and fast rules. This is fishing! Prince nymphs, gray/black midge pupa, and soft hackle p.tails worked well. Temperatures of the water varied from 36.5 in the AM to over 40 at 5 PM. Lost Creek had the highest afternoon temp. at 45.5.