Saturday the Kinni fished in typical cold weather style. Cold air and stream temps made fishing difficult except mid-day(between 11-3). Sunny conditions helped because of the cold temps we have just experienced. Water temps started at 34 and rose to 35 degrees. Flows are normal and fish are in the deeper slower water. Both heads and tails of pools fished the best. Suggested patterns are Hares ears in 14-20, gray Scuds in 14 and 16, and Prince nymphs in 16. Soft Hackles also worked. Sunday the Rush River was a brutal example of winter fishing . Air temps did not rise above 6 degrees with a stiff wind. Water temps hovered around 33.5 all day and snow was falling. The ice, floating down the river was a combination of anchor ice and slush bunches. These ice flows made it impossible to cast through and submerge your flies. Three of us that were out on the river experienced Mother Natures wrath and then some. Two lost fingers from frost bite and the third was taken to the hospital and treated for exposure. We were fishing though, and all was well in the world. On that day over 100 fish were landed on one stretch of the river (Believe that? Not!). Needless to say, we all recovered in time to head back to the Kinni on Monday. Stay tuned. The Kinni on Monday the 4th displayed the same slush flow problems as the two previous days. It was next to impossible to get a cast through the slush to get your nymph below the surface. These conditions persisted until 2 PM when the previously lock jawed trout began to feed. The best fishing was from 3 PM to 5 PM with Hares Ears and gray Scuds in 14-16 being the best flies.