Mother Nature has once again blessed us with some gorgeous temperatures for the March 1st trout opener. Sunrise will emerge as predicted around 0 degrees with a slight wind chill. This will be to cold for most, but I know a few slightly touched, not the brightest bulb on the tree, a few bricks short of a full load type anglers (including myself) who refuse to give up the chance to be the first one in the water over a small detail like the weather. Temps will rise by mid-day , but will not get above freezing. If you decide to go here are some tips to help you survive. Clean your rod thoroughly with Armor All. Clean and dress your line with a slick water-repellent line dressing. Never swish your rod tip in the water to remove guide ice, this only allows more water to adhere to your rig. Keep your rod and reel out of the water at all times! Apply a thick coat of Stanely’s Ice Off past to the first four guides. These hints will help you to keep your line in the water longer. Fish with a short rod (around 8 ft), this will enable you to break the ice out of your tip-top easier than on a longer rod. Invest in the small chemical hand warmer pouches,around .99 cents for two. These little hand warmers slide into your gloves and do a fabulous job of transferring the heat to your fingers even with fingerless gloves. Follow the rules, be humble, take the word ” frustration” out of your vocabulary and enjoy, you will be in the most incredible place on earth.