Air temp at AM on the Kinni was 10 degrees F. The hardier folks found the water temp to be 35 degrees and the fish lethargic . Once again the slight warmth of mid-day proved to be the most productive for fishing . Patterns of choice were BH Prince Nymph 14-16 , small black Copper Johns in 20 and 22 along with any small dry 18 or smaller fished in the film . Monday was a day for road fishing the Rush river . The ability to jump from deep pool to deep pool with the warmth from the truck heater between, made the cold bearable. Fishing from 1pm to 3pm was quite good . The water was 40 degrees and the fish were hungry. BH prince and soft hackle P-tail #18 was my best tandem rig. Fishing heavy metal and 7 to 8 feet of indicator enabled me to dredge the depths. The fish are beginning to move to pockets in the broke water to feed, so don’t pass these spots up. Other patterns that are catching fish are Caddis larva and pupa in #14-16 , Tan Scuds, P-tails,Midge larva and Griffiths Gnats.