Ian Rutter photo

Hey Andy, My buddy and I were thinking of heading to the Rush this next weekend as it will be in the 50° range but we don’t know the conditions it will be in. Do you think there is a lot of runoff/will be a lot of runoff then?
Hey Bill

There is still a bunch of snow on the ground throughout all the watersheds in Pierce County yet to run off. The weather looks warmer and sunny each day with temps dropping just below freezing each night until Friday when we will be above freezing all night. That is probably not a good sign unless the majority of snow melts in the next two days. Chances are slim that the Rush will be in fishable shape but stranger things have happened. I would check back later in the week and we will see how the run off has progressed.
Also, check the USGS flows for the Kinni. That will give you a rough/ball park idea of how the Rush is flowing.