Believe it! Memories are made every time you step in the water. For Jordyn, this was all hers. Two in one day. 24.5 and 21.5 Measured and released. I was told, as these bad boys slid back into the river they disappeared well under the woody undercut bank.  Likely they won’t be spending any time out in the light of day again. The end of April is usually the time. Nature is a bit behind in this neck of the woods this year.

The weather has changed between all the seasonal norms in the span of the last 2 weeks. My ability to predict what the trout and all the things tied to their activity is like spinning the roulette wheel. This week I was convinced Wednesday’s cool down/overcast/rainy weather was going to produce trout nirvana results. This was after a stint in the 80’s. Well although it was a good day on the water, the fish were not jumping in the net. Hatches were mysterious, sporadic and short lived. Nymphing with the old reliable’s was unreliable. We worked. We caught fish. None were under 12″. There was no free lunch. Swinging partridge and orange, CDC S.H. prince and purple prince worked. My standard dry caddis patterns, dark or light bodies, were eaten once, thats all, change flies. 1 eat, change flies. You know the drill. Most productive water was the fastest in the stream. Most productive technique was swinging. Today, It is colder. Catching may be easy or hard. Last week, skinny sandy water produced some nice fish. The week before dark and deep was the ticket.

The message here is get out and fish. Work the dry, work the dead drift, work the streamer. Swing some soft hackles. Test, test, test. Move, move, move. For the most part the trout are coming out of hiding. Big trout too!! This young lady caught 2-20″+ fish off the Kinni this last week.  They are shaking off the late winter doldrums and putting on the feed bag. This year, as the rhythms of nature go, our local trout streams are a bit late in breaking out.  Go find your water.


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