It has been a busy week so I will keep this short and simple……..

A historic moment for the Kinnickinnic River was reached on Tuesday with the city council passing a resolution to eventually remove both remaining Dams.  The Lower dam(Powell Falls) by 2026 and the upper dam(Junction Falls) a long ways off at 2035-40. Although there is still much more to come on this topic, including whole bunch of fund raising and political wrangling, we are moving in the right direction. Certainly feels more like the turtles pace than the rabbits though.


The rivers are still in fine shape as of today. Crystal clear and seemingly low is the norm for this time of year. ┬áThe 40 degree temps are doing their best to run cold water into the streams and there is plenty of snow to turn liquid. Hard to say when flow will spike but I imagine gullys and depressions are filling up, with the big jump in flows just around the corner. I fished in the morning this week. Water temps remained in the high 30’s with the warmest temps just before midday. Catching for me was spotty and subtle. Watch those indicators like a hawk and set often. The bite is soft. The usual characters(small stones and midges) were all over the snow banks but I observed no surface feeding. P. Squirrels, soft hackle olive and #20 P. tails all took fish. Fish were in normal spots both deep and at the lips heading into deep water. Have fun this weekend.

Film Festival next Friday in River Falls. Be there!