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Great news!
As you know, driving an hour to get to your favorite trout stream and finding it muddy can be disheartening to the angler. New editions to the USGS water flow data site for the Kinnickinnic River have been installed to help monitor the water quality and fishability of the river. The site will now have both animated and still photo updates of the river through live cameras to give you more information about the changing character of the water. Photos of a Secchi Disk  which is a circular black and white disk used to measure water transparency, are periodically updated throughout the day. The measure known as the Secchi Depth is related to the waters turbidity. These additions will now help anglers see what the river looks like on any given day along with existing flow and precipitation data provided by the site to give a well rounded overview of conditions. The cool thing is that it will be the first time that this has ever been tried on a river in the state.
I am proud to say the organizing and funding for these devices to be purchased and installed has come from the Kinnickinnic River Land Trust  as a result of the R4F Fly Fishing Film Festival. As you might expect, the cost for the cameras and the continuing cell coverage to relay this data is expensive. Support the KRLT by becoming a member. We are all in this together.
This is how we do it!