We are warming up, again,,,,,,,,I think.  The poor trout believe we are subjecting them to some sort of temperature torture game. I know I feel that way.  Lets hope the yo-yo ride is ending and we are heading for increasing water and air temps for the next few months. Soon enough we will plunge back into the sub-zero(sorry, did I just say that).

Moving on, there has been a few opportunities for anglers to find their way to the streams in the last ten days but reports have been sketchy at best. Water temps have dipped again and I am imagining some fish were caught but their activity level was probably luke warm.  The next few weeks traditionally can produce some awesome fishing, it can also produce another foot of snow. OK I’ll stop.

The Greatwaters Fly Fishing Expo, formerly Tom Helgeson’s Greatwaters Fly Fishing Expo (for my friend Dexter)is being held this weekend in St. Paul. This show is the main event for this region and it comes at the perfect time. I am looking forward to sharing lies and truths with many old friends and customers that I only see once a year. Oh, I am presenting on Friday this year(the only day I can attend) and will be giving away some free swag at my talk. I am desperately hoping to lure a few extra bodies to the presentation with this offer. There are some new goat hats, my balls(really Mr. Bentleys) and some other trinkets that will be tossed to the crowd.