Hard Core Stream Report(just the facts)

January 6, 2016

Location Lower Kinni Canyon

Time Frame  12 PM to dusk

Wind 2-5 MPH

Sky Overcast, light snow

Water temp  34-37 degrees

Air temp 29 degrees

Snow cover 6 inches

Water clarity Crystal clear

Patterns used Prince nymph, orange scud, zebra midge, larva girl, Ju-Ju stone

Hatches Both grey midges and small winter stones on the snow banks.

Fish activity Trout were mostly active subsurface in 4 ft+ slower water off the main flows. A few fish were caught in medium speed rif’f’s. Some sparse rising trout

Technique indicator rig, 2 flies, weighted to get to stream bed.  Bentley’s Balls

Result Very Good Day

DSC00998Fluffier Stream Report

By noon we were on the trail for the first trout outing of 2016. The 20 minute hike into the lower Kinni showed a panorama of black and white beauty. The stark detail that one misses when foliage obscures the view is vividly apparent in January. In winter, each tree becomes an individual in both shape and character. Rocky outcroppings and majestic white pines stand out in contrasting  yellows and greens and are visible at great distance. The eye is constantly searching, and catches any movement. Normally familiar surroundings are transformed into unfamiliar by season alone. The same trail provides a completely new adventure. Stunning!  The slight wind at the tailgate disappeared as we shuffled down the snow covered deer trail into the protection of the canyon. Small snowflakes landed sparsely on the fleece of our jackets. The temperature hovered around 30 degrees and 3 layers of clothing was  perfect to keep the cold out. The river was crystal clear and sang the only song our ears could hear. By 12:30, and another 10 minute walk along the river, we arrived at our destination. Set on one of the biggest “S” curves in the river, two adjoining deep pools would provide some awesome fishing for the next 4 hours. Long drifts, long indicator lengths and patience paid off. A wide variety of imitations bounced along the bottom of the river provided intermittent catching. Soft takes were the rule. Resting the pools by enjoy some Bailey’s and hot coffee every hour proved productive and pleasing to the palette. Fish from 4 to 14″ were brought to hand. Two doubles were achieved. Two anglers realized their good fortune in resource, and time taken to search for sanity. In the snow, there were only tracks of wild animals. In the water, only the tail wags of wild trout.