Big Ball Champ

For those of you who own cell phones, are tweeters or prefer short summaries, scroll to the highlights section of this post. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Gianormous Ball

The second bachelor party/Men of Big Balls meeting on the Brule river completed the final outing on the season. The group of anglers included a number of veteran Big Ball holders as well as 5 new members testing their wills against the water, the trout and the evening festivities. A splendid time was had by all,,,,,,I think.

The Crew Minus 2 Hardcores

I arrived Thursday morning to fish with my high school friend Kurtis who had driven from Des Moines to fish his first and only steelhead outing of the year. Kurtis was hot and landed 3 fish on his first day. I had one strike and was done. Must have been chewing my cud. On Friday the roles reversed and I landed 3 with a nice brown to complete the fishing for the day. I know the Steelhead are our targets, but I still love to see the brown bellies on the end of my line. Over the years they have been responsible for some of my best battles on this great river. To the steelheads credit I have never experienced a turtle fight with their species, so they will remain a notch above on the overall fight ratings. Kurtis pulled the old 0 for 3 on Saturday but was perfectly happy with this year’s success. He was back on the road Friday evening for the long drive back to Iowa. There was happiness in his heart.

The Boy Wonder

The Bulk of the crew began to arrive Friday evening and the chemistry/energy level went through the roof. Meeting new friends, seeing old friends and sharing stories about our friend who is soon to be married ramped up the  group. This night took its toll on the some of the new arrivals. Their gills were a bit green when they hit the river on Saturday morning. They fought through the pain and preformed admirably on the river on Saturday. The rest of the weekend was somewhat of a blurr. The fishing prowess was incredible. The fun was priceless.

Headless? come on Ralph!


Summary Of Weekend

– Ralph lost his tip to my rod on a tired walk out on Friday night. He was bummed out. The search turned up nada.

-Shem broke the tip of his rod off before ever making a cast. The leader/line connection caught in the tip top. He kept pulling. Pop goes the weasel.

-Cuba Libre drinks made by John Wayne caused glee and sorrow among the group.

-Ralph and Ralph Jr. took a safe approach to the weekend. Thumbs up guys for keeping the couch warm. 

-Ramper-up Bachelor found the lost rod tip on Saturday, Ralph was happy.

-Ralph was lured into the woods by a local man who offer to show him a new fishing spot. Problem was we were nowhere near the river. After a head count we were able to extract him from the situation without incident. Beware of strangers!

-Fish were caught, fish were lost. Big Brother reedemed himself by catching a steelhead on the opposite side of the hole. Great job on moving your feet!

-Newlywed made a much needed, kick ass, pulled pork “on stream” lunch for the group. Warm food on the Brule in November was like Mothers milk.

-John Wayne and Wayne John were steady as rocks. They released top secret information about the bachelor, proved to be solid additions to the group, solved mathematical equations and held their balls in high regard. 

-Ball checks were not stricktly enforced

-Youth Movement stunned the crowd by winning the Big Balls Contest in a controversial decision with his first Brule steelhead. Congrats!

-Big Brother had the Biggest Balls of all. They provided the gateway to a new late night game of “touch-n- toss” which provided its own measure of chaos and uncontrollable laughter.

-A group of Birthday girls on Saturday night accused us of being “Outsiders” and proceeded with a brutal tongue lashing stating that the only reason we were there was to “steal their resources”. Reason, was beyond the scope of their drunken communication skills. After 30 minutes of standing in the rain attempting to convince them through both economic and conservation argument some of them had a change of heart. They got on their party bus and headed to “The Gopher Hole”. We thought that the “Shut Your Pie Hole” would have been more appropriate for the way that they had treated us but it was time for us to head home. For the first time since they were born, Shem and Ramper-up Bachelor had nothing to say to drunken women.

-Sunday it snowed a bit but the weather was reasonable. I stood next to a guy in a popular hole who was “float fishing” with a spinning rod. He caught 7 steelhead while I was standing across from him. I caught 1 brown. Some methods are more effective sometimes. The anglers name was Kim. I had met him before a number of times on the Brule. He loves to catch fish.He is a hell of a fishermen. He uses all methods. The addition of just a small piece of night crawler to his egg yarn was the ticket on this day.

 -Shem, in a late night toast, proclaimed that the Bachelor only surrounded himself with quality individuals. Hard to disagree.

Three River Otters At Play- So Cool!

A Few Notes On The Brule This Year

-Anglers on the river felt that the catching was much better this year than last. Forethought was that the numbers of the run will be up from last year when they are divulged.

-Our numbers were roughly the same as they have been for the last 5 years. Keep in mind this is a group average. Some individual stats do prop the group stats up.

-This group has not seen first light in a while. The most consistent bite time tends to be towards the warmest part of the day for those who do not get up early.

-large bug size #6-8 was preferred by the fish. Last year we caught more fish on smaller patterns.The year before it was a bit different. Not sure where I am going with this. Eggs worked. Never forget that but you don’t have to embrace it.

Flows were low the entire year. Water was clearer.

The size of the fish was probably a bit smaller overall this year. I did not see any of the true 28’s and above. There was no talk anywhere of 30″ fish like previous years. Normally you hear about them whether they are measured or not. This conversation was absent from anglers this year.

Have fun!

My Mom Made the Hat for Me

A Fine Brown