Today’s trico hatch was tricky to say the least. Although morning temps were perfect by 7:30, the hatch just did not build in strength. Don’t get me wrong, there were bugs on the water and in the air, but the numbers were sparse and the ¬†fish did not get overly excited about them. This is about the 12th trico outing and the hatch seems a bit slow to build. On the other hand, it is early yet and maybe the conditions have not been quite right. Down stream approach worked today, as well as long up stream casts with sparsely tied #22 spinners were the ticket. Brook trout were eating a number 18 brown or tan caddis before, during, and after the hatch. A twitch while the fly was in their window seemed to help initiate strikes as opposed to a perfect dead drift. These fish were eating spinners but would eat a small caddis as well. I know, brookies will eat anything!

The waters are clear and spooky again. Yesterday’s storms went North. Look for rain the next two days. It’s not supposed to be severe. It might be the perfect time to fish!!