Date: December 30th 2008


Thank you all for your comments and responses to the first mailing. In my excitement to get the last communication off to you, I failed to inform you that my web site is up and running and will continue to grow in the coming months. I apologize for missing this important detail. You will find it at:

The email did stimulate the guide bookings for the 2009 season, and I appreciate all the support. Check your calendar and book a date soon to insure the best possible fishing for early spring and summer. April, May and June are the most productive months to fish for trout on the streams in Western Wisconsin.

Both Fly Tying and Fly Casting classes are to begin shortly. Casting classes in Eden Prairie are a perfect way to cure the winter doldrums by practicing your fly casting in the warmth of a heated dome. Fly tying classes will also start shortly and are a great way to continue to explore this fun and educational aspect of fly fishing. The class schedule is on the site and I hope to have fly tying classes arranged in the Twin Cities that will begin in February.

A quick reminder that the Minnesota Winter Trout Season opens January 1st 2009. The Wisconsin Early Catch and Release Season will follow and opens on Saturday, March 7th 2009.

The product cart is to arrive shortly. On it, you will find the beginnings of a phased implementation (that means I?m not fast at this stuff yet) of a variety of specialty fly fishing and tying products for you to salivate over and then hopefully purchase.

Never hesitate to give me input on content for the site. The more I can involve you in this web fly fishing journey, the better. So far this has been a learning experience for me and I?m glad you?ve come along for the ride. I hope the rest of your holidays turn out just like you want them to.



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