Wayne Bartz Photo

The trout streams in SE Minnesota continue to be in great shape.  The streams are clear and the flow is normal to slightly above normal.  The snow-melt was slow and I don’t know of any stream that went over its bank.

BWO’s have been hatching for awhile and although they haven’t been as consistent as last year, if you hit them it is great fishing.  There have been Hendricksons hatching south of 1-90 on some streams and I just got a report that there was a good Grey Caddis hatch on a stream south of 1-90.  The caddis hatch on this stream usually happens a few days before  the hatch north of 90.  With the warm weather forecast for this week, they should be hatching everywhere by the end of the week.

Just a reminder, farmers are out in there fields in force and there will be a lot of farm vehicles on roads at all times of the day.  Drive carefully.

The traditional trout opener is Saturday the 17th and with this great spring weather we have been having, expect to see a lot of people out on all streams.