SE MN Report
Tuesday June 9img_0089

There was a lot of rain that fell over the weekend into Monday morning. As of right now, most of the Whitewater except the South Branch is clear, the South Branch is fishable but not clear. The South Branch Root River is cloudy and high, but the water is falling. Trout Run is clear as are most of the smaller streams.
I fished Trout Run this afternoon and had great fishing. There were Craneflies, BWO’s and few PAD’s and Caddis both hatching and egg laying. Trout were rising and taking different bugs in different riffles. I fished a size 19 caddis pattern and caught a lot of fish. They seemed to be taking whatever came over them. There were a lot of people out again as seems to be the norm this year.
Some areas in the SE picked up as much as four inches of rain over the weekend, especially south of I90. Luckily the rain didn’t fall heavy and the ground soaked up most of it. If we don’t get much more rain this week most streams except in the Lanesboro area should be clear to fishable.