I finally was able to go fishing today, the first time in three weeks, I won’t bore you with why I wasn’t able to go out, but lets just say the the healing waters of a trout stream felt good on one of my feet.
    Most of SE MN received one to two inches of rain this week.  It was a rain that was needed by homeowners for their lawns and was really needed by the farmers.  Luckily for us, it didn’t do much to the trout streams.  About all of the streams are in a fishable to clear condition and are running a little higher then you would normally find them this time of the year.
    I fished Trout Run this morning.  Trout Run had some habitat work done on it in the last month.  This work was done by Trout Unlimited and the DNR.  The work was done as a continuation of the work done last year and was between Bucksnort dam and the first bridge upstream.  Go down and take a look at it and fish it when you can.  My fishing this morning was upstream of the work.  It was all nymph fishing with a combo of a scud and small black nymph working best.  The water is high and a little off color and the fishing wasn’t as good as I expected.  I managed to catch a few fish though.  The best part though was that I had the stream all to myself.  There were no hatches as expected, but there are a lot of crickets and grasshoppers around.  They are a little small yet, probably because of the cold spring we had.
    Tricos are going strong on the SB Root River, especially in the Forestville Park area.  They are not as good though as most years.  I can only guess that the flooding in June hurt the population.  I have had some reports of some dry fly fishing in the evenings with midges being predominant and some caddis at times.
    The season is almost over, but my favorite month of all is just starting.  September brings with it cooler nights and days, little humidity and with brown and brook trout putting on there spawning colors, it just doesn’t get much better.  Hope you can get out and enjoy it.
Wayne Bartz