The Tricos have finally arrived in SE MN!  It has been a long wait, they are about three weeks later then normal.  I fished upstream of Forestville State Park this morning and even though the conditions weren’t favorable for good Trico fishing, when I arrived at the stream there were fish rising everywhere.  There were just enough bugs to get the fish up, but not to many to make them easy.  Easy they weren’t if an errant cast was made, and I made many, they quit feeding for a while, but eventually started again.  It was nice to get in some dry fly fishing, it has been slim pickings around here for the last two months.  The best time for Trico fishing is when it gets cool at night, 50’s, sunny days and little wind.  The spinner fall starts when the air temperature is around 65 degrees and it can last up to two hours or even longer.
One thing of interest happening this year is that so far there seems to be less then normal grasshoppers around.  We had a cold, wet spring which may be the cause.  There are though a very large number of crickets, more then I have seen in a long time.  Crickets may be the terrestrial ticket for the rest of the season.
The streams in SE MN are in good shape, the flow is normal  to slightly above and they are clear.  There is little to no rain in the forecast for the next week and fishing should be good.